Perfect Wine Lovers Gift
Perfect Wine Lovers Gift

Perfect Wine Lovers Gift

Choose any 2 jars of Wine Jelly's from our 6 different varieties. Mix and match or pick 2 of the same.For a suggestion always pick from among the varietals that you or someone enjoys.
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Perfect Wine Lovers Gift
2 Jar Gift Tube

Need a thoughtful and unique gift for a Wine Lover?
Pick 2 jars from among our 6 delicious and versatile Wine Jellies.

Berkshire Grain Wine Jellies are full of little surprises - like our Chardonnay Wine Jelly with Lemon and Rosemary, or the challenging Devil's Fire Zinfandel is made with Scotch Bonnet Peppers which blends a medium dark fruity Red Zinfandel with the slow sweet Caribbean heat of these fine peppers.

What is true for all Berkshire Grain Wine Jellies is the ability to taste the unique wine grapes of each without the alcohol.

The Gift Tube comes in Red and Gold -- unfortunately we cannot control the supply to offer a specific color.  We believe your gift recipient will be impressed with your choice, thoughtfulness, and our delicious Wine Jellies.

Six Exciting Wine Jellies

Cabernet -- deep, robust flavor with dark garnet color, and. velvety texture -- enjoy with all cheeses ** Baked Brie.  Try as condiment with red meats.

Merlot --  Hints of blackberry, plum and a bit of spice, with a bright red color.  Enjoy with all cheeses, use as a condiment with poultry.  Jazz up your cranberry sauce with 1-2 spoons!

Chardonnay with Lemon and Rosemary -- Delicious and clean tasting starts with Pear and Lemon flavor notes -- we compliment the wine with bits of lemon and rosemary.  A wonderful surprise with light, creamy cheeses -- also use to glaze chicken, fish, and Grilled Cheese Sandwiches.

Blueberry Lavender Champagne Jelly

The crispness of Champagne meets ups with whole blueberries and french lavender to produce a surprising and unique experience. The fruitiness is a welcome addition to cheese, and to use in place of sugar in tea, and in baking applications.  Combine with Agave or Maple Syrup for a delightful Pancake/Waffle Syrup.

Boysenberry Basil Shiraz Wine Jelly

Starting with a Jammy-fruited Shiraz -- tart boysenberries and basil are blended and slow cooked into the wine. Perhaps the most unique flavor combination of all the Wine Jellies.  Offering tremendous opportunities for experimentation beyond cheese and crackers -- think apps to dessert!

Devil's Fire Zinfandel Wine Jelly - Medium, Sweet Heat!

This old vine Zinfandel Wine Jelly starts off with an aroma of spicy, sun-ripened raspberry and cherry -- blended 3 raging types of hot peppers.  The result is a lush, sweet Zinfandel, with a spicy hot finish  - Enjoy with all cheeses and as a condiment blended with mustard, ketchup, relish, vinegar, barbecue sauce.

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