Merlot Wine Jelly
Merlot Wine Jelly

Merlot Wine Jelly

Berkshire Grain Merlot Wine Jelly.......RICH AND OH SO SMOOTH. Our Merlot Wine Jelly is rich in aromas of dark cherry, boysenberry, and plum. Serve with crackers and cheese. With a mild tartness use as a condiment on a chicken or turkey wrap. Packaged in 7.75 oz glass jars (when the Wine Jelly is done the jar makes a perfect stemless Wine Glass, for picnics and backyard entertaining), Scroll down for Additional Product Info and Purchase Options. ** SOLD IN SETS OF 4 JARS (Mix & Match) -- $7.50 EACH -- FREE SHIPPING!
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Berkshire Grain Merlot Wine Jelly 7.75oz

Made from a 100% Merlot Wine that features flavor notes of cherry and blackberry along with a smooth dry finish - just like you want from a nice Merlot!  If Merlot is your, his, or her favorite wine variety, then get this one for sure!

Forget that Cranberry Sauce with Turkey........Be Bold!  

Pairs very well with a Vermont Cheddar and Goat Cheese

Ingredients:  milled cane sugar, Merlot Wine, fruit pectin, citric acid

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