Merlot Wine Jelly
Merlot Wine Jelly

Merlot Wine Jelly

Our Merlot Wine Jelly is rich in aromas of dark cherry, boysenberry, and plum. Serve with crackers and cheese. With a mild tartness use as a condiment on a chicken or turkey wrap.
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Berkshire Grain Merlot Wine Jelly 7.75oz

Made from a 100% Merlot Wine that features flavor notes of dark cherry and boysenberry, along with a smooth dry finish   If Merlot is your, his, or her favorite wine variety, then get this one for sure!

Additional Serving Suggestions:
  • Forget that Cranberry Sauce with Turkey........Be Bold!
  • Pairs very well with a Vermont Cheddar and Goat Cheese  
Packaged in 7.75 oz glass jars (when the Wine Jelly is done the jar makes a perfect stemless Wine Glass, for picnics and backyard entertaining)

Ingredients:  cane sugar, Merlot Wine, natural fruit pectin, natural spices, citric acid

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