Wild Chaga for Pets
Wild Chaga for Pets

Wild Chaga for Pets

Our Wild Chaga for Pets is naturally occurring and harvested from Silver Birch Trees in Massachusetts Forests, and are one of the richest sources of Anti-Oxidants. Chaga is very helpful in supporting optimal health of your pets and also for treating common problems such as Joint and coat inflammations, and other conditions found in older Dogs and Cats Easy to brew right out of the bag ~ (scroll down for more helpful info and brewing instructions)
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Wild Chaga Mushroom for Pets

Since offering Chaga for sale to the public we've heard back from several customers that have taken to try Chaga out on their Dogs and Cats that were ailing ~ so we gave it a try with our own Pets and were amazed.

Benefits of Wild Chaga for Dogs and Cats:
  • Rich in Anti-Oxidants
  • Speeds Healing
  • Promotes Healthy Coat
  • Anti-Inflammatory

Case Study 1:

Golden Retriever age 12, diagnosed several years ago with Lyme disease and treated with common antibiotics.  From time to time however the dog seems to have some flareups and is not himself.  The dog's owner was not able to get back to the Veternarian's office for more drugs for several days and decided to give his dog some Chaga.  After 3-4 days of Chaga the Dog is back to his old routine of hiking and swimming alongside his owners Kayak. 

Case Study 2:  5 year old Terrier recovering from skin/coat infection

Terrier had successfully been treated by Veternarian for an allergic reaction to some wild weeds out in the yard, which would up becoming infected.  The dog lost some of his coat near his back quarters. The area was shaved and treated with a topical antibacterial cream and steroids given orally.  The dog's fur became dull in recovery and the dog's coat was slow to grow back.  the owner decided to try Chaga due to the rich anti-oxidant content -- first he added it to the dogs' waterbowl, however the dog wouldn;t touch it.  Next he added the Chaga Juice-Tea to the dog's food bowl, which the dog didn;t mind.  After 1 week the owner noticed a big improvement in the dog's attitude and fur was beginning to "sprout". After the second week the dog's coat regained it's shine and luster.

How to Prepare:
In a mdeium stainless steel pan ~ bring 1 qt of clean/filtered water to a boil, reduce the heat and drop 10 grams of chaga into the water; cover and simmer for 20 minutes.  Remove from heat and let stand for 15 minutes.  Pour the Chaga Juice-Tea thru a wire mesh strainer and funnel into a glass container to store.

Suggested Daily Intake:
1/4 cup of Chaga juice-Tea ..........up to 50lbs
1/2 cup of Chaga Juice-Tea ..........50lbs and up

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