Boysenberry Basil Shiraz Wine Jelly
Boysenberry Basil Shiraz Wine Jelly

Boysenberry Basil Shiraz Wine Jelly

Lush Boysenberries are teamed up with a fruity Shiraz Wine and finished with fresh basil. The final result is this "real jammy", fun wine spread bursting with amazing flavors. Packaged in 7.75 oz glass jars (when the Wine Jelly is done the jar makes a perfect stemless Wine Glass, for picnics and backyard entertaining), Scroll down for Additional Product Info and Purchase Options. ** SOLD IN SETS OF 4 JARS (Mix & Match) -- $7.50 EACH -- FREE SHIPPING!
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Boysenberry~Basil Wine Jelly

Lush Boysenberries are paired with an equally fruity Shiraz Wine twisted together with fresh Basil.  We had a particular focus when we created this fine spread......the idea made us instantly quite hungry.  The result is our Boysenberry~Basil Wine Jelly.  The bold and fruity contrasting flavors jump over each other with every delicious bite.

Suggested Use:
Enjoy with some Sourdough Bread, Fresh Goat Cheese from a local farm, and big scoops of Boysenberry-Basil Shiraz Wine Jelly.

Ingredients:  milled cane sugar, Shiraz Wine, crushed boysenberries, fruit pectin, dried basil, citric acid.

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