About Us

Hi, We are Kevin and Barbara.

We started Berkshire Grain, a company that makes amazingly delicious Granola and Wine Jelly.

Over 30 years ago, Kevin and Barbara were working corporate jobs in New York City. Kevin worked in computer software, Barbara in the food industry, developing new recipes and food products. But we decided to leave our old careers behind to run a country inn, [name of inn], on a lake in Connecticut. It was at that inn that we first thought the breakfast menu needed something healthy, crispy, crunchy, and special, which led to the creation of our first granola: Cinnamon Toast Granola. It became an instant hit, delivering a light and flavorful eating experience. This signature granola continues to be our number one seller.

We left [name of inn] after two and a half years and moved to Lenox, Massachusetts, a small town in the Berkshires where we founded Berkshire Grain as we prepared to welcome our first daughter.

Things were busier than busy- and it wasn’t easy with a baby on the way- but as we grew the business we became involved in wine tasting events, and that got us thinking…




Life works in serendipitous ways... Suddenly, we had found ourselves with what seemed like an endless supply of wine given to us at these tastings.


What could we do with all of this wine? The idea struck…wine jelly! A fun, innovative, and enticing product that would be a unique addition to the condiment space. We had a great time making jelly and discovering the unique flavor profiles and subtle background notes of the various wines. Some wines were standalone, we added nothing to the formula and let the delicious wine speak for itself, like Cabernet and Merlot. Other wines served as the inspiration for flavor builds to which we added fruit, herbs, or sometimes both to create unique flavor profiles that would pair with certain cheese varieties and enhance a myriad other foods and recipes. We loved the wine jellies, but we had yet to share them with the public.


We introduced the wine jellies at a farmer’s market on the Massachusetts Turnpike. People from all over the country tasted and bought the wine jellies for themselves and as gifts. They were a huge hit! The wine jellies were then introduced to retailers, restaurants, and mixologists, who responded with great enthusiasm for the concept and the taste. Gift basket companies also loved adding the wine jelly to their product mix.


Of course, Berkshire Grain still makes delicious granola, selling to popular restaurant and hotel chains as well as directly to customers. It has been through our hard work and dedication, passion, and love for what we do that you can taste all of the wonderful fresh ingredients in our products. 



After 30-plus years in business, and with the help of some talented young friends, we are plunging into the digital world and showcasing our products with renewed excitement and enthusiasm.


We hope you will try our products and share them with friends. 


With Gratitude,

Kevin and Barbara