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Welcome to Berkshire Grain

Berkshire Grain is an Artisan Food Company nestled in the mountains of Western Massachusetts.

Our mission at Berkshire Grain is to deliver quality, delicious foods and natural supplements that help promote overall good health, which are affordable and convenient for a diverse population.

Our "Out of the Bowl" thinking and over 30 years of product development expertise work together offering ~ FUN and NON-CONVENTIONAL approaches to the design of our products. Like our Mediterranean Granola with Tahini/Molasses/Walnuts/Golden Raisins, or our Quinoa Crunch Granola/Trail Mix - it's gluten and dairy free, with NO ADDED FAT, or the calming nature of our French Lavender Blueberry Champagne Jelly.

There are plenty of me too products out there with great eye-catching graphics. The Berkshire Grain approach is more dynamic - Interesting and delicious and a satisfying feeling long afterwards.

From Whole Grains to Gluten Free Products

When we started making and selling our granola over 25 years ago in a small 2 room production studio granola was experiencing a revival.  Cinnamon Toast was our first granola developed -- light and crisp, not overly sweet, and even today remains one of our most popular requests. The emphasis was put on eating more and more whole grains. 

These last few years more and more people approached us at tasting and asking.

........ What do you have that's Wheat (Gluten Free)?  

We listened and this past year we introduced........ 

Fun With Wine Jellies

Well Granola is "Healthful Soul Food", and our GF Scones and Apple Crisp are delicious sustaining for people avoiding Gluten.......We wanted to create a new food for entertaining with and enjoy with family and friends - WINE JELLIES.  From the first moment we sampled 2 different Wine Jellies we knew we were on to to something special.  Wine & Ale Jellies

We now offer 6 Wine Jellies, a Mulled Hard Cider, 2 Ale Jellies.  These Jellies will switch up almost any food you try them with.  From crackers to roast turkey - the uses are limited only by your imagination.

Where to Find Us and Our Fine Products

Currently the only way to enjoy Berkshire Grain products is by visiting a Farmers Market we're participating in, at Regional Foods Shows, Craft and Holiday Fairs..........and why not right here at our e-store -- wherever you are at the moment.   Your orders are shipped via Fedex Ground or USPS within 1-2 business days.

Healthy is the New Delicious ™

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