Berkshire Grain Devil's Fire Zinfandel Wine Jelly

Berkshire Grain Devil's Fire Zinfandel Wine Jelly

A perfect balance of "Sweet ~ Heat" -- entertaining, and great choice with everything from cheese to meats...
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Devil's Fire - Zinfandel Wine Jelly - 7.75 oz

It starts with a scarlet red Zinfandel Wine ~ you're enjoying flavors of ripe cherry and after several seconds you feel a warm tingle on your tongue and then it stops.  Our best description is entertaining.  Devil's Fire is not a Pepper Jelly it is so much more -- a little heat with each bite that still allows you to take in all the flavors of the food.

Like all Berkshire Grain Wine Jellies - Devil's Fire is great to cook with, as a condiment with all meats......anytime you want to switch things up.

Ingredients:  milled cane sugar, Old Vine Zinfandel, haberneros, fruit pectin, lemon zest

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