Berkshire Grain Golden Milk Granola GF

Berkshire Grain Golden Milk Granola GF

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Golden Milk Granola

Orange Granola????....... Yes with Carrots, Fresh Grated Ginger, Turmeric, and Tiger Nuts (it's not  a nut)

Our Golden Milk Granola is inspired by the Ayurveda Healthful Practice of a daily drink of Golden Milk Granola to help reduce stress and aid the body in dealing with inflammation with a blend of unique ingredients -- looking for a perfect late night treat to ease a jittery stomach and relax you for a good night's sleep.

The endless flavors in this granola will make it a new goto ingredient to thrown into and on top of -- switching up everything you add it to.

A Good Source of Protein makes it a perfect snack to energize you between meals.

Gluten Free
Good Source of Protein

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